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Standing tall against the darkened skies,

Was the maiden with the emerald eyes.

She got lost in midst of stride,

Searching for her spirits guide.

Though nothing ever made her cry,

Only for roses when they would die.

Once in her life she would shed the tears,

Awakening from her deepest fears.

Only roses once disappeared,

From her soul they had all cleared.

Nothing she could ever hear,

While the roses laid in their bier.

With the flowers her guide was dead,

Though no mortal coil had been shed.

No more words could again be said,

The maiden bowed her saddened head.

While her heart had openly bled,

Her soul was being torn and shred.

Once a golden ray of sunlight,

Her soul was only now a blight,

The maiden now was of the night.

An agonizing empty fright.

Emerald once had shone so bright,

She was now a deadened sight.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
One thing I can say about life is that it's like this... Once you stop breathing... you die.

I've always been an artist, from birth basically, you know making portraits with food and such. I love to draw and sketch, and color, however I prefer to paint.
Painting is good... mostly water color and acrylic. I find water color is funner to work with, it's what I use when I am feeling care free. When it's time to be serious, I break out the acrylic.

Music also sugars my toucas, singing is a fav of mine, indeed. Also with the help of my friendly neighborhood computer music programs, I like to compose.
I can actually somewhat play instruments, though I play by ear not by sight. It counts...
I sort of play the harp, by sort of I mean today I picked one up and realized that I am really not terrible at it. I can also play keyboard... this I am better at... over all my musical performance is... mediocre. Except singing... I will destroy you at singing. JK ... maybe.

Hmm what else can I say except that I have never met a spider I wasn't at least slightly terrified of, and if there are aliens out there, please come by for tea.

Thanks all for reading :)


PS Shout out to my bff RebeccaTripp look her up you won't regret ;)

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